Dependent Visa Process

Initial Consultation:

  • Begin with a consultation to understand your family’s plans and the primary visa holder’s immigration status.
  • Assess your eligibility and options for dependent visas in your desired country.

Document Collection:

  • Provide guidance on collecting and organizing the necessary documents for dependent visa applications, including marriage certificates, birth certificates, and proof of relationship.

Application Preparation:

  • Assist in preparing a complete and accurate dependent visa application package.
  • Ensure that all forms and supporting documents are properly filled out and organized.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Help gather additional documents as required, such as proof of financial support or sponsorship letters from the primary visa holder

Visa Application Submission:

  • Assist in submitting your dependent visa applications to the respective embassy or consulate.
  • Ensure that the applications are submitted within the required timeframe.

Biometrics and Interviews (if required):

  • Prepare dependent applicants for biometric appointments or visa interviews, providing guidance and practice sessions.

Visa Processing:

  • Regularly monitor the progress of dependent visa applications, tracking their status and responding to any requests for additional information.

Visa Approval:

  • Celebrate with you upon receiving dependent visa approvals.
  • Provide guidance on the next steps, including travel planning and accommodation booking if relocating.

Travel Arrangements (if applicable):

  • Offer assistance in planning travel arrangements, including flights and accommodation if the dependent family members are relocating.

Orientation and Support:

  • Conduct a pre-departure orientation for dependent visa holders, addressing topics such as local customs, legal rights, and access to healthcare and education.

During Your Stay:

  • Provide ongoing support for the dependent family members during their stay, including assistance with local formalities and adapting to the new environment.

Extension and Future Planning:

  • Offer guidance on extending dependent visas if necessary and planning for future immigration or residency options.

At The Elite World, we understand the importance of keeping families together during international journeys. Our services ensure a smooth and stress-free process for obtaining dependent visas, allowing families to enjoy their time together abroad. Contact us today to begin the process of reuniting or accompanying your loved ones on their journey.

Working Visa benefits

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